Eat Like Baby To Lose Belly Fat 

Our founder, Dr. Kevin Kim M.D,  is board certified weight reduction specialist who has more than 20 years of weight control experience. 



Eating healthy is the key toward your well being. Learning how to eat right and what is good food for your body is the key towards a healthy life style. ELB Diet will help you to eat what is good food for your body and how to reset your body's metabolism through eating. It also helps you avoid foods that would be harmful towards your health. 

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  • 3663 W.6thSt#302,LA,CA,90020
  • Tel: 1-213-738-1644
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1994 Weight reduction program, dietclinic2000, established

2000 Carbohydrate addiction published 

2003 US patent 'diet method' applied

2004 Carbocop diet program launched

Our Background

Diabetic patient

Company History

Our mission


  Most of diabetic patient do not know how to eat right. Many doctors aren't taught how diabetic patients should eat and keep encouraging patients to lose weight and exercise without giving proper instruction.

Oftentimes this leads diabetic patient skip meals when sugar level is high and eat too much when sugar level drops. ELB Diet seeks to remedy this and teach diabetic patients how to control sugar and  lose weight at the same time.