Eat Like Baby To Lose Belly Fat 


10 Rules for ELB Diet 

1) Try to eat 6 times a day as like baby. Each meal has to be balanced with equal amount of protein(meat or fish) and healthy carbohydrates(fruit,vegetable,whole grain).

Avoid unhealthy carbohydrates(any sugar products: candy,chocolate,cookies,chips,regular soda,ice cream, rice, noodle, pasta,bread, pastry) 

It is fine to eat late at night, around 11 o clock as long as you eat with equal amount of protein and healthy carbohydrate. 

2) Baby does not eat spicy food, therefore avoid foods such as : chili, salsa,garlic as they stimulate hunger. 

3) Try to drink cup of water on each meal. 60 % of body is the water and you may get confused between thirsty and hunger. 

4) Avoid juice, milk, and non-diet Soda which has lots of sugar. Non-fat milk on the other hand contains more sugar than regular milk. 

  Substitute: Zero calorie flavored water, Coke zero or water with lemon. 

5) Try to eat slow by chewing 20 times on each bite. Also use left hand to eat if you are right handed. Using non dominant hand on eating helps to eat  slow. 

6) Try not to exercise too much in first month on diet as exercise will make you hungrier. 

7) Babies cry for hunger when they wake up. Eat breakfast within an hour after waking up. Brain wakes up when you open your eyes and your stomach wakes up when you eat the food. 

8) Do not blend your food. When you blend your food, such as fruits or vegetables, the body is able to take in more of this food. This leas to you eating more. 

9) Nuts contain many healthy carbohydrates but they can be very addictive. Try not to put more than 1 teaspoonful of nuts on each meal. 

10) When you eat, take a picture with your cell phone.  When you take a picture of the food, always take a picture with your hand next to meal to compare. Taking a picture of the food helps to make a image in your brain to get a right portion in the future. If the amount of food exceeds the size of the fist or palm, you are eating too much. 

If you want to drink coffee, drink black coffee or use Splenda or equal. Half and half cream has less sugar. One glass of wine or shot of hard liquor is OK.